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Lips and Dermal Fillers

What is Juvederm?

The Juvéderm range has formulations to treat everything from fine lines to deep folds and wrinkles. Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid facial filler which is smooth and long lasting. During the treatment your physican will inject the gel under your skin using a fine needle. The gel will then fill facial lines and wrinkles or add subtle volume.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure lasts up to 50 minutes.

For the lips, a numbing cream is applied for 15-30 minutes and then the procedure takes around 20 minutes.

Is it painful?

Most clients find the procedure relatively painless. A numbing cream can be used prior to treatment. Juvederm products also contain aproduct called lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic.

Will the results be instant?

Yes. Results will be seen immediately.

Is there anything I cannot do following treatment?

It is advised to abstain from drinking alcohol and exercising 24 hours post treatment.

Is there any after effects?

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience swelling, bruising and an itching sensation. This usually settles in a few days.

Wrinkle Treatment

What product do you use?

The product used in the DermaSpa clinic is Botox.

What is botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment where it is largely inactive and non-toxic.

Botox was originally used in eye surgery where it was found to smooth lines, therefore it was trialled for cosmetic use.

Botulinum toxin is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralysing the underlying muscles.

Botox is the product name.

Will the results be instant?

No. After treatment it can take up to two weeks for the results to show.

It is advised not to rub the area following treatment. Also it is advised not to exercise for 24 hours following the procedure.

Will I need a consultation before the treatment?

Yes. The product is a prescription drug. A consultation will be needed by myself and a Nurse Prescriber. If you are ok to go ahead then your product will be ordered and you can have the treatment 2-3 days later.


How does it work?

Most eyebrow tattooists – even those who achieve a relatively natural look – use a conventional tattoo needle, which can result in a line that is heavier than a normal hair, or worse, if not treated lightly, result in a coloured-in look.

Microblading uses a fine scalpel-type blade to to apply the ink rather than a traditional needle, allowing the practitioner to create a natural-looking brow with short, ultra-fine micro lines that look like individual hairs.

The blade means the colour is implanted closer to the surface of the outer layer of the skin, meaning the strokes are crisp and fine.

The fine lines can be applied in the same direction of hair growth, resulting in an appearance that’s as close to a natural brow as it gets.

Does it hurt?

I take every precaution necessary to ensure the micro-pigmentation application is as pain free as possible.  A medical anaesthetic is used for your comfort.  Some clients find the procedure a little uncomfortable, whereas other clients report no discomfort at all.

Do I need a patch test?

Yes, all clients need a patch test at least 48 hours before the procedure.  This can be posted out to you if you prefer.

How long is the recovery or healing time?

Many clients can walk right out the door, ready to show off their new brows.  Initially stronger in colour, your new brows will soften to a natural looking and beautiful colour in two to three weeks.

What will they look like immediately after the procedure?

Your brows may be a little swollen, red and sometimes a bit white.  This is all very normal.  They will be considerably darker for the first week, before they begin to fade out to a softer colour.

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